I’m back….+ RoseRoseShop Haul part 1

Sweeties- fellow readers, I’m proud to say that I’m back. I initially anticipated that I was going to be on a longer hiatus, but then I noticed something. . . while fixing some minor errors, I realized that the stats on my blog page had indicated that people were actually visiting and browsing through my blog, which made me smile. I genuinely was surprised that not only are there people who subscribed to me willingly, the fact that they continued to do so faithfully inspired me to continue to blog, despite how insignificant I may be. And to be quite honest I missed writing and blogging about my experiences, and I realized that it was became part of my life. To be blessed to have the privilege to create my first blog ( despite the shitty layouts grr…..Wordpress *cough cough*) I wanted to continue on, no matter what. . . so her I am, and I happened to go on a little shopping spree to one of my favorite Korean cosmetics stores: RoseRoseShop.

RoseRoseShop has been around for quite some time in fact, it was one of the stores that I browsed through, before discovering Jolse and BeautNetKorea. In terms of price, RoseRoseShop is far by the cheapest, however, shipping can get very expensive, since it is determined by weight, but if you smart shop, there are certain products ( mostly Mizon for some strange reason) that include free shipping, and amazing discounts

Left to right: Nature rebulic Snail Solution mask Sheet, Secret key Milk whipping Hand Cream, Holika Holika before mask sheet deep sleep, A'pieu Forest bath Body Lotion Ylang Ylang

Left to right: Nature republic Snail Solution mask Sheet, Secret key Milk whipping Hand Cream, Holika Holika before mask sheet deep sleep, A’pieu Forest bath Body Lotion Ylang Ylang

Funny story about the Holika Holika mask sheets; they were the first sheet masks I ever purchased and it happens to be one of my all-time favorite as well, hehe. This particular collection really stood out amongst the others, because they are designed for everyday situations: before a date, before an interview, after a hangover ( no joke, LOL) studying overnight, etc. and I think that it’s easier to decide what sort of mask sheet you’d want to use for your daily routine, because the ingredients seem to correlate with each everyday activity. I usually opt for the “Before Sleep”, due to the fact that I have (slight) case of insomnia, and despite being beyond lethargic, I still have difficulty falling asleep, and I suppose the “milk and lavender” in these sheets alleviate the stress of falling asleep for me. ( Or the Placebo Effect)

The Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask sheets did not disappoitn as well. Compared to many sheet masks, this particular mask has a runnier, slightly more “viscous”, and it doesn’t drip, or create a huge mess. Apparently there is 80% of snail filtrate in each sheet mask, which is a substantial amount. As for the benefits of Snail muscus, i’ve noticed a reduction in breakout, and it seems as though my skin is getting “repaired”by this beautiful ( yet disgusting as hell, because I hate snails > _ > ) mucus. . . the irony.



Goodbye…for now.

I decided that I’m going to take an indefinite hiatus on blogging. My reason? It’s complicated to say the least.

One moment I felt as though I was at the peak of my success- typing furiously to the point where my fingers would feel numb, but I didn’t care. I would imagine it’s the sort of bliss an artist feels, when they complete their ceramic sculpture. The planning-weeks, perhaps months of excruciatingly meticulous work, unsure of whether or not the piece will be (in their definition): “perfect”. I was, and still am proud of what I had accomplished, albeit the layout, slightly juvenile and amateurish, it was a dream I’ve put on the back-burner for years, but would continue to pursue..until now. To tell you that it doesn’t hurt to say “goodbye” would be a blatant lie. It’s more or less like the ceramic sculpture that had taken over a month to finish has exploded,in the kiln, and what remains are now insignificant tile-like pieces.

It sounds generic and sappy, right?

I mean, let’s be honest here, how many of us can definitely say “goodbye” without looking back? The most difficult part about saying goodbye isn’t really just “saying goodbye”,  but rather turning the other direction without glancing over your shoulder. It’s the sort of like when people often refer to life as a “one-way” road. You mustn’t look, back, because you have to go onwards.  This sort of goodbye for me, leaves a chronic, prickling sort of pain- this particular kind of pain is a combination of anguish, anxiety and regret that takes a long time to heal. I feel this pain gnawing at me, because more than anything, I wish could change everything, but since that’s  impossible, I end up dwelling on the past.

Why am I saying goodbye?

Probably the main reason for why I’m saying goodbye, is because as stupid as this may sound, I guess I’m a “petty attention whore” considering  the fact that the blog was kinda created for that, ranting, and makeup…lol. I know that people don’t take me seriously, I know that I am nothing- perhaps as insignificant a a drop of water, but despite the adversary, I attempted to strive on. . .  until I discovered that my personal thoughts would be relayed and used against me, just because they can. To be fair, it was their stubby Vienna sausage fingers that clicked on the link, but the fact that I would be laughed at by the people who told me they read my blog, and to grin from ear to ear was what really got me. (And no-it’s not any of the active subscribers, whom I thank and appreciate 100%. ) I guess…I was never really that great to begin with haha, but that’s perfectly alright. My writing is mediocre, and the photography is above-average at best. And..often times I’ve hit a stalemate when it came to blogging, because of the lack of influence I had. Don’t get me wrong, I created this blog out of pure hobby, not to make money, or sell products, or sort of nonsense, but I felt frustrated often times, disappearing for weeks, to several months.

Among misc, reasons, I’m doing poorly in school due to stress, and I feel like “why bother”? Especially in my worst class, Spanish. Over half of the class are AP, overachieving , pretentious teeny boppers fresh out of middle school, and they’re kicking my ass in Spanish. I feel like the biggest dumbass in the classroom. . . and there really isn’t much to say, because there is so much work piled on, and I have 6 other classes so..it’s whatever. I knew that Junior and Senior year was the pivotal point for bringing up my GPA. I started off strong, but nearing the end of the year, I feel as though I’m not going to make it. . . . I’m not going to touch more on that topic. :c


For all my subscribers and fateful readers who stumbled on this blog, I thank you so much. I couldn’t have imagined running my own blog, much less with so many faithful readers that it brings a smile to my face, and I’m so sorry that I have  to leave…but it isn’t a “definite” goodbye. I promise that I will come on from time to time to improve navigation, and the overall bugs.

Thank you, and God Bless, Antoinette.




Well..and then what?

Hiya Sweeties!  graphics-kawaii-302605I’m sorry for the past few posts that have been depressing, but hey, that’s life, right? Actually no…but anyways, I thought I’d share one of my more personal issues, that have been bothering me ever since the incident..

I have mentioned before that I am an introvert, but not necessarily because I don’t like being around other people, it’s rather the fact that I find it difficult to be around other people. I’m not really the type to initiate a date, or location. Also, I hate many of the stores, and shopping areas that are nearby my house, because I’m picky as hell, (albeit its still fun to window-shop regardless) I barely hang out with friends, go to the movies, or do anything. I’m slouched on my bed browsing the web, more often than not. Even given the chance to go to the mall or something, I usually walk alone. It’s Ironic, because I never cared for walking by myself to the mall. I enjoyed the loneliness, but what really began to realize that I was missing out on the opportunity to create a memory with other people. (Trust me, going to the same mall every other week is almost formulaic) :/

However, the situation was not the fact that I was going to the mall alone….rather that I went to the mall with someone….a male . _ .

Around 6pm a friend of mind in the neighborhood knocked on my door inviting me to walk to the mall with him. Granted, I spent approximately 2 hours there on that Saturday, afternoon I really wasn’t that apprehensive to the offer, since I had nothing better else to do, but marathon Ghost Adventures. My mom was home at the time, and she was apprehensive about me going out, because she thought that I was “dating him”, because y’know he’s black…that’s the only thing we have in common. After pleading with her, she reluctantly allowed us to go, because the sun hadn’t started setting yet anyways. As we were walking down the road, I see my mom coming up behind me, and then making a U-turn at the end of the street. I was beyond embarrassed. For once in my life, I actually felt tight chains coiling around my body. For the very first time…I felt constrained. It wasn’t a coincidence, since the only social events that I were permitted to go to were “Life Night”- some shitty Catholic meeting in preparation for Confirmation, or even Sports Teams, but I hate sports so that’s not really an option. I hurried home, and I was bombarded with uncomfortable questions:

Mom: What did you guys talk about?

Me: …Nothing…..just about candy

Mom: You’re going to marry a man from “home”

Me: “……”

Mom: But Tyrell is a nice boy, I could hook him up with a woman from “home” as well.

Me: “……….”

When she said “home”, she references her home country, which is in Africa, and my heart sank. During the last few weeks. I felt that my life had already been predetermined: become a nurse, get married to a man in Africa, and it’s as simple as that. I felt so emotionless, empty, and really I didn’t put forth much effort into school, or personal projects. I didn’t really mention this to anyone, because what exactly can they do? My life. My problem.  I wanted to travel, I wanted to explore new things, I don’t want to live my life treading on a narrow road, I wanted to see what the world offers, and “fall in love” on my own terms. Why does it have to be an African male, much less a black guy > _ >

I guess I’ll just hold out longer until I’m 18…meh.


This close to snapping..second thoughts

This is my follow-up to my previous post:

Although the drama is ongoing,  I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to voice what I thought of the situation. The whole point of me ranting was the emphasis on “friendship”, something that’s slowly becoming obsolete in society. As far as a friendship goes, there are many basic elements: loyalty, respect, honesty, understanding, trust, and for a friend to disregard these rudimentary principles is disgusting. People don’t realize that privacy is a right and not a privilege: hence why private messaging, emails, and calls were created, not to be misused. It’s not uncommon to see private messages from Skype, or even KIK, or even Facebook posted publicly- if anything it’s too common. Besides the habitual abuse of private messaging, another aspect is “judgement”. I touched this topic a wee bit on my original post, but I wanted to elaborate more.

As I mentioned before, I don’t like overly casual people. I feel that people should have a sophisticated sense of judgment and morality, and to just be like ” it doesn’t affect my life” or ” it’s their lives” pisses me off. It purports to depict that people are becoming so apathetic, that they don’t have a strong opinion- or even the courage to tell someone straight up: ” What you’re doing is wrong and you need to stop.” In this case, however, ” C” thinks that he can do whatever he please and not suffer any consequences. He claims that he dislikes me, because I was “judging” him. Hell yes I’m judging you because of your actions, and they are awful!

Anyways, I’m too tired to bother today. I need my sleep.


This close to snapping

I’m not even going to bother with saying hi, because I’m near my limit. At this point in time, I feel like a can of soda that’s been shooken up so many times that I’m about to burst, and (yes there is a limit!)

I didn’t want to make up any excuses about my absence, but there’s been so much drama going on in my life that I have no choice but to confront it. Years ago, I decided to be confined to a small network of people whom I talked to, but over the past few years, that network has expanded, consequently. Along with the expansion of friends, I also became entangled in drama, heartbreak, and just utter chaos.

I’m sorry if I sound dramatic, but in my honest opinion, I wished there was a “pause” button on life.

I know that I sound whiny at this point, and drama is inevitable, but it’s so amazing at how just a click away someone can plaster a screenshot of an argument, on a Facebook wall, and withing minutes tons of people (mainly irrelevant) join the drama frenzy and a once simple situation can transform into a conglomerate mess.

My friend ( calling him a friend would be offensive, but the sake of mutual respect, I’ll just call him “C”), is a two faced cheater who clearly doesn’t respect girls in general. He didn’t cheat on me, but on one of my close friends who I shall call “R”. I didn’t know that ‘C’ was dating ‘R’, because ‘C’ claimed that he was dating a female named ‘M’. But it gets better: ‘C’ had declared in a Skype group chat that he didn’t need “us” ( friends) and that the only person who mattered the most was ‘M’. Outraged, “X” tried to pound some sense into ‘C’ but ‘C’ blocked him, and ‘X’ was eventually fed up with his childish antics. For some inexplicable reason ‘C’ continued to try to talk to me, despite saying he didn’t care about me. Here’s a little fun fact, prior to him dating “M” , “C” tried to hookup with me by sending me pictures of his half-naked body ( no real nudes or anything), but I then discovered that he only asked me out cause he was “in heat” and two weeks later, he got with “M”. I knew that C’s relationship with M was volatile because of the way he flaunted her sexuality. The second day that they were together, he bragged in the Skype group chat that they had Skyped “naked” together, it was really disgusting to be quite honest, and in the group chat was “Sh” which was one of his exes as well….ugh

Anyways just a few hours ago, I discovered that my friend “R”  started dating “C” on the 27th of March, even though “C’ claimed he broke up with “M” on the 7th which was just yesterday. Enough said. And, the best part is that “C” is accusing me and my friend “Z” of sabotaging his relationship with “M”, and as you can see, it’s horseshit. “C” had not only cheated on his gf, but explicitly remarked that “Girls were only good for their tits” and that “Society is stupid for thinking girls should be treated with respect” ( the second one he didn’t say outright, but he implied it). He also said that ” you’re acting like you’re the one victim” which is false, because when I confronted him, I’m not worried about myself. My friend doesn’t deserve a guy who disrespects and cheats around. She doesn’t deserve to be deceived and lied to, and most importantly, she deserves someone who will take a relationship seriously. And I even talked to our mutual friend “So” if he knew, and he said he did, but didn’t care, and that regardless, ‘C’ is his bro. He even had the audacity to tell me I don’t know what the true definition of a friend was, and that people talk shit right behind my back, and I had no room to judge. The stupidity is mind-boggling. As long as his friend didn’t do shit to him, he’s perfectly fine, and that’s the type of quality i hate about people these days. It’s just the casual “it’s whatever, what so and so does is his business, idc attitude is cringe-worthy.” People these days are complaining that others judge them, just because someone has the balls to tell them what they’re doing is wrong/ inappropriate, or whatever the case may be. People want others to stay by their sides without having put forth the effort, or improving themselves. They was excuses, they think they can do whatever the hell they want and I’m sorry if this is a rude awakening but IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK THAT WAY.

TL;DR: A pathetic cheater making excuses while Karma is right around the corner to kick your ass to the curb.

I’m sorry, but I had to vent.



Screw art.

Hello Sweeties! I’m so sorry it’s been a while since I have updated. Like most people, I’m busy with school, trying to find a job, and in general…just trudging through the damn year @ ~ @. But I’ve neglected my blog, and my sincerest apologies for my readers ( and lurkers).

I’m sure you’ve noticed the title on this particular post ” screw art” and you’re wondering why? Well, for the sake of simplicity I’m going to blunt and say that art is not for everyone, and it’s purely opinionated.

I take a ceramics class which deals with using clay to create pottery. I am in Ceramics 1, and there is a Ceramics 2, but since there is only two class periods, and my class shares the room with “an actual art class”, we’re pretty much forgotten most of the time. Anyways, for the most part, I enjoyed this class, until I was encouraged to expand my creativity and produce beautiful work……and I wished it was as simple as that.

For those who’ve never taken a Ceramics Class nor worked with clay, there are several stages of clay, and several processes involved:

1. Slip- which is semi-liquid clay. This particular type of clay is stores in a container and used to attach pieces of scored slay together, or help dampen leather-hard pieces.

2. Plastic- plastic clay is very soft, and the most mold-able type of clay.

3. Leather Hard- Leather hard clay is a bit tricky to work with. It’s slightly harder than plastic dries out rather quicker, but it’s the perfect consistency for clay pieces to hold its form.

4. Bone dry – this stage is the point where all of the moisture int eh clay has been absorbed, which means that the clay is extremely brittle and water cannot be added back into the clay to be “revitalized”.

I decided not to add the additional method just to save time, and to not confuse you guys.

Anyways, one of the most glaring  issues I have with Ceramics ( or really any art class) I’ve ever taken is the level of stress and inadequacy felt during throughout the process of most of my projects. Of course I knew from the minute I entered the classroom, I wasn’t going to produce artwork like Van Goh or anyone of that magnitude, however I simply wanted to learn and develop skills to create my own artwork, that I held of value. I didn’t want to be constrained, I didn’t want to be intimidated, and more importantly, I didn’t want to endure the class…I wanted to enjoy it.

Throughout the year, I’ve noticed that most of the students who’ve taken Art Classes are Advanced Placement (AP) prodigies. One of them who is a sophomore, and (taking all advanced classes is) in my Ceramics 1 class. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a genuinely nice person and we are friends, but it’s apparent that the (new) Ceramics teacher ADORES her, because of her  “masterpieces” And yes, she did foreshadow to us that this particular student, who out of respect I will call her “O” will create a masterpiece on our last project. What made matters worse was the stress on the “due date” for our last project which was a box. I wasn’t there for at least “three working” days, because of my appointments and test makeups, and threatening to subtract points from our grade, I quickly rushed my project and it looked so horrendous that I purposely refused to have it fired. I was disappointed in myself, because I was up for the challenge, but all this stress and anxiety hindered my success.

But it’s not always been disappointment and heartbreak…This is my Piggy (cow) bank, I nicknamed J-Lo




Inspired by them:

The story behind this lil’ piggy wasn’t exactly spontaneous in my opinion. I’m sure most of us have heard the saying “when pigs fly” (cow) ahem, which basically means something that is beyond impossible.I was inspired by this particular piece because of the simplicity and sophistication, and how delicate this particular piece was.

Anyways there is probably going to be a part 2 to this so stay tuned and I’m back

~ Annie ❤


The Ugly Side of Beauty: Bath and Body Works

Hi! graphics-kawaii-515406 Today’s Ugly Side of Beauty is one about: bath and Body Works


I’m going to say this straight off the bat: I LOVE fragrances- from candles, to lotions, and everything else in between. I think that  fragrances are a special component to a person that is especially personalized, and fragrance to me is like fingerprints, or DNA. Now with that being said, why do I have a problem with B&BW?

To start, every trip to B&BW, I’ve never been hassled, the staff is polite, insightful, and curteous, and the overall smell of the stores is very neutral-which is good. I’m also pleased at how clean, and organized the stores are, and I really do appreciate that.

The main thing I like the most about B&BW is the store houses everything is one: candles, soap, fragrance, spray, etc. And for the most part, the prices are fair, and you receive useful coupons in the mail quite frequently, so that’s another plus, and there are a couple of scents that I can see myself reaching for every so often,  but that’s about it for all the pros….

Most of the fragrances are just simply un-sophisticated, too “mainstream”, too musky/ vanilla-y and way, WAY too cloyingly sweet for my nose. I’m not sure how to explain without sounding obnoxiously pretentious…Okay well, the best way I can describe it is when you actually put apply a genuine Eau De Parfum/Toilette ( think Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani), there’s a depth of complexity that makes this particular fragrance unique. You don’t just get hit with jasmine, there’s also mint, orange, lemon, etc. And to be fair, one of my favorite fragrances is Poppy, by Coach, and it is a sweet fragrance, but it’s complex as well. It’s a combination of sweet, fruity, subtle, and it works with my body chemistry. In contrast, when I put on a scent from BBW like Sweet Pea ( which I do like btw) you’re continuously getting bombarded with that one strong note, the screams SWEET PEA and it linger for hours. To make matters worse, many girls ( I remember the dreaded locker room )  douse themselves in these strong, aggressive heavy sprays  like there’s no tomorrow and I nearly choked because of how powerful these scents are. LOL. I can only tolerate their perfumes in very small doses….

That’s it for my small rant. I kinda just wanted to get that off of my chest, because whenever someone gives me a B&BW gift, I”m just like “eh”, and I know some people feel like that as well.

What do you guys like/dislike about B&BW? How do you feel when someone gets you a B&BW gift set? Please leave comments below

Love, Annie