Products I regret buying

Hi, guys, today’s post is going to be about products that didn’t work for me. I think it’s safe to assume that we have all came across products that advertise “For all skin-types, complexions ,etc.” But there is a fine line between “didn’t work for me “and TOTAL EPIC FAIL. The majority of the products that have made it onto my “regret list” are what makes me wonder: “HOW IN THE WORLD COULD ANYONE PURCHASE THIS”.


Maybelline Baby Lips

Okay, how do you screw up lip balm? I mean…ugh the main purpose of a lip balm is to soften an moisturize your lips. I  purchased this from Kroger with a 50 percent off coupon, so I only payed $1.79. Let’s just say I wouldn’t have gotten this, even if they were handing it out free. The consistency of the lip balm is heavy, greasy, and it just sits on top of the lips. On a good note, it does give my lips a flush of color, but it’s not really something worth writing home about. I think the hype is just the fact that the packing looks cute.


This palette has been so hyped to death that I really wanted to say my piece. From beauty bloggers, to YouTube, the Naked palette is to the makeup world to what IPhones are to everyone: you must have heard about it or seen it somewhere- scrolling down thousands for perfect ★★★★★ reviews.  I know shall be sentenced to Makeup Hell for eternity. but I LOATHE this palette with a burning passion. I only purchased this palette out of an economical standpoint, since I was in the infancy of using makeup. In fact, I can remember vividly when I held this infamous famous palette in my hands at Sephora. I had this peculiar gut feeling that I wasn’t going to like it, but prior to purchasing it, I always do my research on a product, and I had concluded that it seemed as though this particular palette was versatile enough, ( apparently more so than the Naked 1) and I needed some neutrals anyways, so I bought it with the reassurance that it will work for me. When I got home, and removed it from the package, I felt a instant wave of disappointment. The tin that is used for the packaging is bulky and delicate. Sometimes the lid would be jammed shut, so it was impossible to open at times. One of the major issues was that majority of the shades were either too similar, or simply had no business being in there ( Chopper and Pistol are the two that pop into mind). I could have forgiven if the shades weren’t so inconsistent. Half-Baked was the shade everyone raved about, an in reality. it looked like a whitish gold in my palette, decent shade, but way too much on its own. Tease was a mauve-gray-brown, but for some reason, it looked chocolate- brown on other people which I didn’t understand, because they color looked the same on me, as it does in the pan. Smog, in reality appeared dirty mildew green everyone claimed to be a deep bronzey shade. My biggest gripe with this palette was the inconsistencies in texture, and pigmentation. The matte shades were dry, and chalky, the shimmers were too soft, and crumbled , but the final blow was the obnoxious glitter fallout. I mean…my lord…the glitter stuck to my face, and even onto my clothes. I’m not even going to bother with the low-quality brush and the “barely-there” lipgloss. Since they were so insignificant to me, I didn’t bother to acknowledge them. For the life of me, I never understood why this particular palette erupted with immense popularity. The idea of a Naked palette isn’t new or creative. It’s redundant, bland, and it doesn’t reflect what a company like Urban Decay stands for: Beauty with an edge, now they have centered their whole branding around “Naked”.  I didn’t  want to make a lengthy post, but there are so many things wrong with this palette that it infuriates me, and I payed 50 bucks for this! Ugh, thinking about that palette makes me angry.


CoverGirl Shineblast Lipgloss

Remember when I said I always do my  research on a product before purchasing? Yeah…this is not the case. It was five dollars at CVS and the colors looked  very pretty. But when I actually tried some at home, they all looked the same, and the glitter actually cut my lips. The scent is a nauseating combination of synthetic watermelon and soap, and the texture of the texture was like heavy Vaseline. I threw this into the garbage after a couple of days, because it was a horrendous excuse for a lipgloss. I don’t care if it were 5 or 25 dollars, it must have some kind of redeeming quality to it.

I’m sorry if the post got too lengthy, but those are some of the products I’ve regretted buying. Please comment and share what you’ve regretted purchasing.


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