Why I would never want to become a beauty guru


Hello, you guys! Today’s post is going to be somewhat controversial as this is my take on the makeup gurus( Particularly YouTube and Bloggers)  in general. I’m not trying to bash anyone, per se, but there are some gurus that I simply do not like at all, and when I first made this blog with you, I wanted to be as honest as possible, and this is one of the true IN MY HONEST OPINION posts.

Beauty Guru is self-acclaimed term. It holds no value whatsoever. How many people do we know label themselves? The “foodies”,  the “artist”,  the “urban chick”,  ” the nerdy hipster gamer girl’, without having an inkling of what any of those labels symbolize, or represent?  I noticed many YouTube personalities who categorize themselves as “beauty gurus”, despite hardly uploading any actual makeup tutorials or rather the opposite mass-producing lackluster “tutorials”. That is perfectly fine to consider yourself as a “makeup guru” but just to clarify: beauty gurus ARE NOT  professional makeup artists. The idea of simply branding themselves “makeup aficionados” since they’re able to produce quick, shallow money because they can slap on some cosmetics and look “pretty” is especially insulting to those who actually work hard, and are passionate about this particular profession.

How many of these “faux makeup artists” can honestly say that makeup is their passion? Maybe only a handful. This is especially personal to me, because…I wan tto become a makeup artist, or merely a sales representatives for cosmetics. When I see the way this industry is being infiltrated by half-assed amatures, my blood boils. They don’t respect the makeup, heck, when asked to do a specific look they pull something out of their asses, and if it looks “text-book” perfect, then it’s suffice. No second thoughts, or creativity, no passion. No nothing. Well, obviously the money, but whatever.



The unhealthy materialism and the compulsion to brag about every item of some sort of monetary value is appalling: AKA the Infamous Haul Videos: . The compulsion to do a haul video every week, because they either have a shopping addiction, or just the desire to show off to the world the fact they can afford these unnecessary luxuries is narcissistic , pathetic, and materialistic. Chanel Hauls( mind you their makeup and skin care products are EXPENSIVE), Mac hauls, Lancôme hauls, Clea De Peau, etc. I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite because I have done hauls in the past, of course, and I could understand if the purpose of the haul video was to later review some products, introduce subscribers to a relatively new / unknown brand, or even perhaps preview these products in a future tutorial, but can someone explain to me what’s the purpose of a Lipbalm haul?  A Dolce and Gabanna Haul? Victoria’s Secret Haul? Or even a Tiffany’s and Co. Haul… What the…?

It’s painfully apparent that educating their subscribers is not their motive behind these hauls, especially when it’s on a platform like YouTube, versus a blog. Blogs are a place on the internet where people gravitate towards YOU. It’s a personal haven where you can choose to write, and express yourself, and it’s relatively more private. YouTube, however is a more social platform where there are millions of views a second, and  the YouTuber is interacting, on a more personal level with their audience, and it gives a clearer impression of the person behind the camera, and of course with all these excessive shopping videos,  most people’s first impressions are that these gurus either pretentious, or greedy.

They are the new representation of the makeup industry : The Shameless sponsorships and freebies from companies, and the excessive advertising:  I lied about the hauls as my biggest gripe with these online personalities. THIS IS. The shoveling products onto the viewers was the primary reason why I unsubscribed to many gurus. The main demographic for the average beauty channel is 12-25, generally girls my age who may suffer from severe acne, or have braces, and bulky-wide rimmed glasses want to feel confident and beautiful in the own skin. The excessive sponsorships and advertisements from the gurus who also pose as role models creates substantial peer-pressure and insecurity.

These “gurus”  for the most part preach honesty, integrity, self-esteem and..well
being “beauty from within”.  The forced sponsorships say otherwise. Example: a guru who claims they are against animal-cruelty will knowingly support a major corporation like Lòreal ( who is infamous for animal-testing) . The obvious problem is that the subscriber would consider that as blatant lying, (and animal-testing is controversial), but the bigger issue here is the lack of integrity and self-respect. These people treat their subscribers as dollar bills, rather than actual people behind the username. And like I said before, my age-group is targeted the most, because apparently, we’re not happy with the way we look, though they don’t have the proper credentials to reccomend these products to us ( hence the pretention). Second, when we watch makeup videos on YouTube, we want to be educated on how to imporve on our makeup techniques, or even learn more about makeup. Not get products ( typically ridiculously, unecessary , and expensive) shoveled into our faces.


Many of the current makeup tutorials are just sponsored ads. I didn’t used to have a problem with a sponsored video ( In fact, one of my favorite makeup artists who often sponsor  is Pony, (Pony Beauty Diary). Why don’t I protest to that? For starters,  her viewers are global (mostly American and Korean), and  honest Korean products, can be difficult to attain in several countries). She demonstrates the techniques on how to use these products, and when the viewer watches  the tutorial, the quality speaks for itself. No special effects, no bs. Just raw quality. As for the majority of these sponsorships, it’s simply composed of greedy, narcissists jumping at the opportunity to score free goodies whilst  sacrificing integrity, honesty, in the process. And expensive as hell.


Who needs identity when you got a “COLLABORATION”

This also pertains to the makeup companies as well. A lot of these once independent companies are hopping on the Beauty bandwagon and discrediting the years of handwork it took to build their reputation and prestige. ( I wrote an article concerning this issue on mishbunny). Nowadays, these companies are doing whatever it takes to have their brand name plastered the covers of Allure and Elle, or on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. I understand as a company, you want publicity, and you want people to buy your products, but as you can see, they’re allowing people who they can’t even trust lie about the quality and /or performance of  product.  And a lot of these companies were fine where they were before all this hype started.

Exposing their lives online, becomes catty and defensive when people criticize them

When I first created this blog, I wanted to remain anonymous, but as I recently discovered, my privacy was going to be sacrificed the more I exposed myself on the internet. However with that being said, there are certain topics/personal issues that I won’t share even on my blog, because I need to keep what it outside blogging versus what I choose to post and write on here. A lot of these “vloggers” don’t know how to create a divide between what to share and what to not share. I’ve even seen some beauty vloggers give live birth on video *cringes* . And when they put on their life on stage, they open themselves to albeit harsh, negative comments. Is it really appropriate to leak the details of a bitter divorce?

More coming soon.


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