Products I regret Buying 2

Hi guys, welcome to another installment of “Products that I regret Buying.’ graphics-kawaii-small-173862 I hope you enjoyed my first post. This is second post and mind you that this is 100% my opinion and I’m not trying to bash the products out of spite.


118  This particular product was hyped up due to the “self-sharpening technology_” blah blah blah. Let me just get straight to the point. Many of the negative reviews are based off of the technology. I had no problem with the actual technology of the packaging. My problem here is with the actual formula. I purchased the shade “nude”, and it was stiff, nearly scratch my waterline, and faded after five minutes. And for $20, this is ridiculous.

SB_C023_SKUC02301_340 I don’t know if you remember guys, but I remembered the Bb creme craze, every cosmetic company out there was trying to capitalize on the hype and this is one of the most popular ” Western BB Cremes” out there. The nicest way I can describe this product is an over-glorified tinted moisturizer, at the most. The primary difference between the BB-Creme and traditional foundations are the fact that bb creams are skincare-derived. This “faux-creme” is no different from a generic foundation on the market. Aside from the false advertising, the product just sucked. It felt like I was applying oily powder on my face, with uneven coverage.

4155441912 I think this was divine karma, because I badgered my dad to purchase this from Walmart, lol. I heard this was a good dupe for the Paint Pots from MAC, and there was a nice color range. My real problem lied with the formulation, and the colour. Vintage Plum pulls more grey, and although it’s appropriate for fall/winter, I only have limited use for the type of eyeshadows that I can wear with it. ( Unlike universal beige) Second, this particular paint pot is called ( Leather) and there are patchiness and it was difficult to blend with. Despite what I’ve said, it’s not a horrible product.



I got this as a birthday gift and I am forever grateful, however this mascara literally does nothing but clump my eyelashes. Nothing more. Nothing less. :/ Oh, and a pain in the ass to remove.

holika-011-p1 Ah…I love Holika Holika. It’s one of my favorite skincare/makeup brands and I’m bummed that this didn’t work for me-year round. I kinda purchased this, because of the cute barrel design, and I chose the “white wine” which claimed to whiten and hydrate the skin. For some reason in the wintertime, my skin is sensitive towards this product, and I didn’t really care for the whitening claims. I wanted a product to do more for my skin, and although this isn’t a bad product, I wished I purchased something more effective.

Well this was list of products that didn’t work for me. What products didn’t work for you? Please comment below!

~Annie ❤





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