Christmas/Bday Haul

Hiya guys, Merry Christmasgraphics-kawaii-small-857036  I’m so, so sorry for the lack of posts, recently, as I’ve been busy with the holidays ( just like everyone out there, lol) and I wanted to do a haul on some of the things I’ve gotten for my Bday, and for Christmas.



My Homeslice, Kiki bought this for me on my birthday. Since we live in different states, it took about a couple of weeks to get here, and it was well worth the wait. She and I have been besties for three years. We met by accident, and we decided to keep in touch, and she’s like an older sister to me. Thank you so much for being a part of my life! graphics-kawaii-515406



This is a japanese candy called “Mixed Drops” which is basically an assortment of hard candies in various flavors, amd they’re all so delicious! graphics-kawaii-271157


And the little Keychain is int eh form of a Dove chocolate. Yum >.<



These here are some scarves that I got for christmas ( Thank you Mommy <3) The faux fur one is from a brand called Isotoner, which apparently is a popular scarf brand? lol. I saw that this particular scarf was $30! >_> Maybe I’m just a cheapskate but I thought that was rather ridiculous for a scarf, but actually wrapping it around my neck, the scarf was light, soft, breathable, and the most part, comfortable. Sometimes I sleep with this scarf on. haha

The next scarf is from Land’s End, and it’s more of a conventional scarf. It’s the same Price as the Isotoner, which I don’t understand because scarves shouldn’t be that expensive, however, it’s lightweight, and durable like the Isotoner type.



I also got a Beanie from Forever21 and was 4 bucks xD. Definitely the price I would pay for a hat. It used to be $7.90 and it’d be a fair price, but less really is more. It’s large and feels all warm and snug on my head so I love it.

The gloves are from a brand called Covington, and these were $12. For the most part, they are snug, comfortable and cute.

I also got a lot of other things, but I felt that it would be too lengthy of a post. Overall, I am truly grateful for all the gifts that I’ve received from my friends and family. For the longest time, I was lax about Christmas, and I guess it’s me growing older, but I realized the importance of friends and family. surrounded by people who care, having someone to go to. Rather, this many not be the most impressive present lists, I cherish every single one of them.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

~ Annie ❤


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