I’m so sorry

Hiya Sweeties! graphics-kawaii-174374

It’s been forever since I’ve posted and I’m terribly sorry :c. Between the exams, and the turbulent weather, I’ve neglected my blog, which left a bad taste for all of you.

At the very least I had what was an interesting Valentine’s Day:

I got a red carnation from “a friend”. Who is this so-called “friend”? Is it really just a casual friend, or perhaps a secret admirer? Or could it have been Mitchell?

* I genuinely suspected it was Mitchell, because when I was about to approach him, he was giving off that giveaway smile >//>

* My first visit to the dentist for a root canal, (temp). When they lay me on the bed, and I saw the huge needle that was about to inject me, I nearly screamed. The man sat with me and lectured me for 10 minutes, about how he’s been in dental school since he was 17 years old ( heh…ironic I’m 17 > _ > ) took 15 years of it, operated on over 10,000 people, and attempted to reassure me that nothing was going to go wrong. And surprisingly…I didn’t feel a thing.  @ _ @ .

Anywho sorry for the short period of inactivity, I’ve got tons of reviews and stories to post!


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