The Ugly Side of Beauty: Sephora

Hiya you guys! graphics-kawaii-337747 Today’s post is about one of the most coveted makeup stores in the history of the world: Sephora. Women (and men) from all walks of life flock to this prestigious store in search of quintessential beauty products. Although I’ve enamored this store…let’s just say the sun always sets at the end of the day…>_>


1. You’re the black sheep of the makeup community if you don’t like/ have the hottest product

picture by fashion north

picture by fashion north

Who doesn’t own the Naked Palette, or the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, or the Orgasm Blush? When I scroll down the product review page and thoroughly read through the thousands of flawless reviews, I am falsely reassured that the product in question will work for me because I have this mentality that ” if it works for them, why not me?” and that’s the issue. All of those reviews are based off of other people’s experiences. The only person’s experience that should matter is mine.  I have previously mentioned in older posts that I usually research a product before purchasing, unless I’m able to sample the product beforehand, which is one of the reasons why I was particularly disappointed with the Naked 2 palette. Aside from the inflated hype and ego of the product, for the longest period of time, I was deluding myself into thinking that this palette was amazing. I always thought that it was something wrong with me- it’s my fault that the palette doesn’t work. However, I decided to browse the web, in search of people who disliked the palette. I stumbled across Makeupalley, and uncovered  honest, albeit negative reviews, thus coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t me, it was the palette. Kudos to all the NC50 chicks out there who can rock the palette, unfortunately I am not among them.

2. Sephora is Lackadaisical when it comes to samples.

Honestly, are the samples to them like gold? Samples are supposed to serve as a marketing ploy to entice costumers into trying a new product but nope, they’re hoarded, and skimped out on. From my personal experiences, the sales associates at Sephora are excruciatingly intimidating when it comes to free samples. It’s actually disturbing how the SA’s have split personalities involving samples.

One time I summed up the courage (which felt like the equivalent of climbing Mt.Everest) just to request a sample of a perfume. The Sales Associate grimaced, briefly paused, and then carelessly tossed three random samples into my bag. To add insult to injury, she even didn’t bother to ask what kind of scents I liked, which turned drove me away from Sephora for a while.

Another incident that occurred was rather the opposite. While I was casually checking out, and the newly hired Sales Associate enthusiastically offered me a few samples that I happily accepted ( although I don’t know if she still works in my area anymore :/ ), and I genuinely was happy.

To be fair, I can understand why certain SA’s are reluctant to give out samples because some people are simply freeloaders. I admit that often times when I sample a product, I don’t end up purchasing the product I sampled, just because I wasn’t overly impressed. However….wouldn’t I be less interested in purchasing a product, that I have never sampled?

3. Beauty Insider, VIB, and VIB Rouge pales in comparison to other cosmetic stores

Many people will disagree with me, but ultimately, I find that the whole rewards system is more of a “clever excuse to waste money on products that are overpriced” . The idea of receiving a lil extra after spending a certain amount is enticing, however compared to many companies, i.e Jolse, I would boldly say it’s straight up B.S.



Maybe I’m spoiled by Jolse’s generous samples: the occasional free sheet mask sheets, full size products, etc. It’s ultimately satisfying as a loyal customer to receive more bang for my buck, and also, this doesn’t really pertain Jolse to being a “Korean Brand”, but in general, the actual quality of the products many of these Korean (and Asian) sites carry are far superior, four times cheaper, and the customer service is excellent. Whereas Sephora, I’m required to spend a substantial amount of money per calendar year just to score deluxe samples. As frugal, as I am, I tend to purchase the essentials, hence why I’ve remained on the Beauty Insider level for 2 years LOL, and honestly I’ve found many dupes to the products that Sephora carries, because for example: I can’t justify spending $22 for lip balm. (It’s borderline pretentious if you ask me), and reading stories about whether or not the VIB ROUGE  perk is even worth it..most of the frequenters say no.

I’m rather appalled that most people don’t have a bigger issue with this system, because let me reiterate this : SPENDING OVER  A GRAND A YEAR ON COSMETICS IS A LOT OF MONEY. As a costumer, I would feel more inclined to getting more for my money. Most of us don’t realize this but need to understand that shopping at Sephora is not a privilege. I can gladly spend my money elsewhere and blindly shop online, because I don’t see the use of pleading with a store just to feel validated. If I’m a loyal costumer, they should acknowledge that, not wrestle me into submission by accepting “less product” at a higher cost. ( May I remind you the blatant deletion of negative comments on certain products -cough cough-

Even if I got to the VIB Rouge status the so-called “free gifts” require a purchase of a specific amount. To me, that’s not a gift, that’s a discount. Or what’s more disturbing according to certain VIB Rouge Insiders are the accusations of  Sephora cancelling their orders due to the fact the company thinks that they’re taking advantage of their “free shipping”. (Considering the fact that the company guaranteed this right, as they’ve earned it).  As for the “free makeovers”, they’re still required to spend a certain amount of money. Welp.

Sephora generally doesn’t have what I’m looking for anyways 

 Generally speaking, the demographic of those who go to Sephora are not  in the favor of us teens, especially when it comes to skin care. As far as I’m concerned the only genuine skincare brands that are suitable for teen skin are Clinique ( which is a bust tbh), Murad, maybe Josie Maran, and several others.The majority of skincare products geared to teens are prodominatley acne  products….but some of us don’t have acne >_>. I know I don’t suffer from acne. In my case, I do have occasional breakouts/white heads, pimples, and my skin is slightly sensitive but definitely not acne, so it’s difficult for me to find the best products for my skin- but I guess that a “me” problem haha.

This is actually a “short rant” about some of the things that I hate what Sephora does. Don’t get me wrong, I loved going to Sephora and when my mother was running late, I would walked to the mall, and hang around Sephora, because business was slow on the weekdays. The staff is generally friendly, and it is a nice store, but sadly, I’m just falling out of love with it. Sorry :/

Love, Annie


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