I’m back….+ RoseRoseShop Haul part 1

Sweeties- fellow readers, I’m proud to say that I’m back. I initially anticipated that I was going to be on a longer hiatus, but then I noticed something. . . while fixing some minor errors, I realized that the stats on my blog page had indicated that people were actually visiting and browsing through my blog, which made me smile. I genuinely was surprised that not only are there people who subscribed to me willingly, the fact that they continued to do so faithfully inspired me to continue to blog, despite how insignificant I may be. And to be quite honest I missed writing and blogging about my experiences, and I realized that it was became part of my life. To be blessed to have the privilege to create my first blog ( despite the shitty layouts grr…..Wordpress *cough cough*) I wanted to continue on, no matter what. . . so her I am, and I happened to go on a little shopping spree to one of my favorite Korean cosmetics stores: RoseRoseShop.

RoseRoseShop has been around for quite some time in fact, it was one of the stores that I browsed through, before discovering Jolse and BeautNetKorea. In terms of price, RoseRoseShop is far by the cheapest, however, shipping can get very expensive, since it is determined by weight, but if you smart shop, there are certain products ( mostly Mizon for some strange reason) that include free shipping, and amazing discounts

Left to right: Nature rebulic Snail Solution mask Sheet, Secret key Milk whipping Hand Cream, Holika Holika before mask sheet deep sleep, A'pieu Forest bath Body Lotion Ylang Ylang

Left to right: Nature republic Snail Solution mask Sheet, Secret key Milk whipping Hand Cream, Holika Holika before mask sheet deep sleep, A’pieu Forest bath Body Lotion Ylang Ylang

Funny story about the Holika Holika mask sheets; they were the first sheet masks I ever purchased and it happens to be one of my all-time favorite as well, hehe. This particular collection really stood out amongst the others, because they are designed for everyday situations: before a date, before an interview, after a hangover ( no joke, LOL) studying overnight, etc. and I think that it’s easier to decide what sort of mask sheet you’d want to use for your daily routine, because the ingredients seem to correlate with each everyday activity. I usually opt for the “Before Sleep”, due to the fact that I have (slight) case of insomnia, and despite being beyond lethargic, I still have difficulty falling asleep, and I suppose the “milk and lavender” in these sheets alleviate the stress of falling asleep for me. ( Or the Placebo Effect)

The Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask sheets did not disappoitn as well. Compared to many sheet masks, this particular mask has a runnier, slightly more “viscous”, and it doesn’t drip, or create a huge mess. Apparently there is 80% of snail filtrate in each sheet mask, which is a substantial amount. As for the benefits of Snail muscus, i’ve noticed a reduction in breakout, and it seems as though my skin is getting “repaired”by this beautiful ( yet disgusting as hell, because I hate snails > _ > ) mucus. . . the irony.



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