Hello, my friends, welcome to my blog! I appreciate your valuable time, browsing though my blog: a  melting pot of cosmetics reviews, DIY, crafts, and the occasional rambling IMHO posts, and much…much more. tumblr_static_2uslmghtj7wg4k444ogssg4c

Cute Kawaii Jurishi

Cute Kawaii Jurishi

Cute Kawaii Jurishi


Name: Annie (Alias)


Height 5’6

Skin Type: Oily in the summer, Dry/combination sensitive in the fall/winter, occasionally rough skin I guess you can say ‘Normal skin’

Likes: Chocolate, Korean Dramas and Movies, The T.V show:  Deadly Women, Brownies with Ice Cream, European cookies, cooking nail polish, glitter, makeup lip balm * o *, scented rooms, arpakassos, sushi, white pizza  graphics-kawaii-677097 graphics-kawaii-271157

Dislikes, slimy stuff, bugs, pretentiousness, bad scents, arrogant people

Skintone: NC 45-50, Nars Sheer glow foundation in Maccao/Trinidad

Hairtype: Dry, sensitive

A little more info. . . I am currently taking a course in high school about buisness and law, and I look foward to traveling around the world, and prehaps become a makeup artist? Or a sales representative in that field 😀


Will try to update whenever possible so stay tuned!




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