Tony Moly I’m Real Line Review

Hey, sweeties   graphics-kawaii-174374today’s post is on  the Tony Moly “I’m Real” Skincare Line. This line especially caught my attention, because the main focus is on this particular line is being as close to natural as possible, with 7 to 9 ” free systems”: ( free of parabens, glycols, Talc, mineral oil, etc.) In addition, the concentration of natural ingredients range from 70% to 90 % which is amazing! (Considering that TonyMoly isn’t a au-naturel brand, per se.)

There are 3 steps to  line : toner-lotion-cream, and this line appeals to people who prefer a simpler skincare routine. As for myself, I needed to transition from my oily skin care routine anyways, since it’s almost wintertime, and winters in the South-Eastern partof the USA can be harsh, especially on the skin ; – ;. Most people don’t realize this, but wintertime is one of the most damaging seasons for your skin. The extreme, blistering cold wind wreaks havok on the skin, making it more prone to sensitivity, irritation, fine lines, and even premature aging, because the winds suck the moisture of of skin. The key to combating dehydrated, winter skin is intense, proper hydration. I noticed that in my own skin, once the temperature dropped, the dryness, and breakouts along the apples of my cheeks ( that’s my main problem area), and even fine lines are emphasized : ‘(.




I’ve mentioned in my haul  that I’ve tried every one of those samples (except the rice toner) , and I have to be honest, I loved the majority of their line, so I decided to purchase the full-sized version on the Seaweed Aqua Moisture Lotion, and the Avocado Rich Cream.

Here are the samples I’ve tried:


I’m not a hoarder lol

These samples are a collection over the span of  a few months, and I decided to save these used samples, and review each one of them.

Least Favorite: I’m Real Aloe Soothing lotion



Description: Aloe soothing lotion to protect sensitive skin from irritation”   Most of us know the benefits of aloe. it’s used to treat sunburn on the body, to soothe hot skin, etc. So the majority of the line involves natural, common ingredients that are well-known.

Texture: I apologize that I don’t have a picture, but the texture is viscous, meaning it’s a denser gel formula. It’s not too thick, although it takes a while to absorb into the skin, and is slightly sticky.

Scent: I know I’m the minority but I hate the scent of aloe. graphics-kawaii-384331 * runs away* . I’m sorry but something about the scent of aloe is extremely off-putting, however it wasnt terribly bad in this particular lotion. Didn’t convert me into an “aloe-lover”, but I can tolerate it, at least.

Performance: The purpose behind this particular emulsion was one of the main reasons why I decided not to purchase a full-sized bottle. It wasn’t a terrible product in the slightest, ( no irritations or breakouts) I simply felt that it didn’t meet my primary skin issues. The only purpose of this emulsion was to soothe my “ocasionally sensitive” skin, and I need more of out an emulsion than “soothing sensitive skin”.


3rd place: I’m Real Lemon brightening Lotion


Description: Brightening Lemon to Promote Skin White and Radiant

Texture: The best way to describe the texture is almost like powdery toothpaste, It absorbs quickly into the skin, and it doesn’t provide imense hydration unlike the other emulsions.




Scent: It smells like lemons. . . duh lol ! not too over-powering as I do think these products are hypoallergenic


Performance: I don’t know if the camera picked it up, but this toner actually brightened my hands (and) face) and there was no white cast whatsoever 😀 However, since I only sampled this product once ( with the newest sample just arriving in the mail Saturday), I didn’t really have a good idea of how it would perform, and this toner is a tad drying. I might purchase a full-sized  in the future.


Second Place: I’m Real Teatree Sebum Pore Lotion


Description: “Fresh tea tree that cares for oily sin and pore problems”

Scent: The best way to describe the scent of  tea tree is that of a combo of  floral and pine. It’s a strong scent in nature, but it’s not so strong that it overpowers the sensitivie of noses. I found the scent to be pleasant and relaxing

Texture: As you can see, the texture is less viscous, but it still holds its form. To put it in simple English, it’s best to be described as a gel with less body to it. It’s less hydrating than the seaweed, and the aloe, and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue.



Performance: I don’t have huge pores to begin with, however I do notice that it did control excess sebum around my nose area, and it didn’t dry out my skin.  I was that close to purchasing the full-sized version, but I decided not to, because I felt that my main skin issue was hyrdration.


Winner: TonyMoly I’m Real Seaweed Moisture Lotion 


Description:  “Moisturizing seaweed that supplies moisture to rough and dry skin

Texture: the texture is the least vicious and milkiest out of the three emulsions. It absorbs into the skin the most quickly, as well.

Scent:  I know this is an abstract description ( sorry), but  when I think of costal scents, I think of crisp, floral notes that are distinctively different than floral notes in a garden.

Performance: I freaking love this emulsion! The primary reason why I purchased this particular emulsion, is due to the fact that it absorbs quickly, but provides the hydration that my skin desperately needs. ( I become as dry as the desert in the winter) lol. Generally speaking, hydration products like creams and emulsions tend to have a thicker consistency, and a slower absorbance rate, but this particular emulsion is the exception! graphics-kawaii-211472

 My Second Purchase: TonyMoly I’m real Avocado Rich Cream 


Description: ” Avocado extracts forms moisture skin layers. This keeps your skin hydrated and shine.”  Sorry for the engrish lol: ( Avacado extracts for moidturized skin layers. This keeps your skin hydrated, and shiny) 

Texture: The dermatologist term is “emollient-rich creme” but the best way I would describe this cream would be a whipped-buttery mousse-like cream. It’s so dense and rich that when I gently press my finger into cream, it bounces up, slightly, which gives you an idea of how thick this creme is. Afterall, the avacado is nature’s “butter”.




Scent: The scent is pleasant and floral…like avacodo flowers? LOL. I get the essence of the avocado ( and if you’ve never smelled an actual avocado, it’s grassy, and more veggie-like, and raw), but I’m not bombarded with an unpleasant scent.


Performance:  Well what can I say? I love this cream! Love is a strong word, but it’s the perfect word to describe this cream. Especially in the winter season, it’s a struggle to combat dry skin, but this cream provides moisture without being greasy or breaking out my skin. A little seriously goes a long way!

Overall, I really love this line, and here is the link to purchase if you’re interested.

Disclaimer: I puchese the line off of BeautynetKorea, but I don’t know wether they carry this products anymre,

Thank you for reading~

Annie ❤



My Summer Skincare Routine

Hiya guys! I wanted to introduce you my “current”  skin care routine.


I’ve sampled my fair share of skin care products ranging from high-end brands, to the everyday drugstore brands. For the longest time, I was seriously frustrated with my skin – dry, flaky,sensitive in the winter time, to a hot, oily mess in the summertime.I do suffer from dark spots, and the occasional breakout, (not acne, mind you), and I finally concluded that it was time to invest in some decent skin care. I know that it is almost winter time, but this was my summer skin care routine

1. Makeup remover: Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover- 



Innisfree was one of the brands that  I discovered  on The Wanderlust Project. Innisfree is a relatively natural brand, for the most part, and I decided to purchase an “eye and lip” makeup remover, as I didnt wear face makeup at the time. the older version of this product had the scent of APPLESSSS graphics-kawaii-320710, sadly the newer versions don’t TT^TT. Regardless, this makeup remover did a fantastic job of removing every trace of lip and eye makeup, without stinging, or clouding my eyes up. You can purchase it here.




Cleanser: Happy Bath Berry Essence cleanser. They are four different kinds, and this one is in herb essence which is for oily skin. It claims to help excess sebum production, and to moisture as well. I absolutely loved this cleanser. This was my first Korean cleanser that I’ve ever purchased, and the cheapest too. Only $ 7.95. It was difficult to find reviews on this cleanser, but to cut to the chase this cleanser is not drying, makes your skin clean without it feeling stripped has a yummy fruity scent ( Like Trix cereal xD ), and it does not irritate my skin. You can purchase it here.

Toner: Etude House Malgem Fresh Toner:  I can’t rave enough about this toner. I actually wrote a lengthy review on Jolse , as well as the cleanser, because generally cleansers, and toners have a  notorious rep for being drying. Not the case with this particular toner line. To be honest, I think the main reason I chose to purchase this, because it’s affordable, very gentle on the skin. . . and S H I N E E



Onew represents Oil control.


Umph…Minho >////> ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

But Shinee aside, the toner is popular amongst teens and young adults, because there’s a chockfull of nutrients and extracts to soothe the skin, and the purpose of Asian toners just boost the skin’s ability to absorb more product, Unlike western toners which are notoriously drying, mainly because of the high alcohol content, and the main purpose is to “disinfect” the skin. ( Clinique toners pop into mind).

Emulsion Etude House Mal:gem Emulsion

– 106166709001n


I forgot to mention this, but the Mal:geum line includes emulsion. This was the first emulsion I’ve ever tried, and for novices to the Korean Skincare Routine, the purpose of an emulsion is to restore oil and water balance-basically it’s a lightweight moisturizer. It’s less viscous than a gel, but it will provide sufficient moisture to the skin, and it’s the prefered choice to people who have oily or combination skin.

This particular emulsion is a three-in-one: cream-essence-emulsion, so when I’m too lazy to apply cream, I would simply slap on this multi-use product, and head off to bed o u o.

Fun fact: the word Malgeum is the Korean word for purity (이맑음) ( my hangul sucks, I’m sorry)

What I loved about this particular emulsion is how it compensated for my oil-control products. It hydrated my skin, without excess sebum, and during the humid summers, my skin felt cool, and fresh-looking.

Eye: Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye patch 

For some inexplicable reason, I didn’t have an eye cream, I guess I didn’t think I needed it at the time, however I suffered from slight dark undereye circles ( curse you lack of sleep), and I just needed something to brighten my eyes. Some reviewers have said that it didn’t work for them, but I found that after a couple of uses, it worked for me…but maybe a little too well. I stopped using these patches, because they made my undereye area so light that I could see my veins. . . but regardless, it was a good product.

CreamEtude House Moistfull Flower Cream

You can tell by now, the majority of my skin care products are Etude House >.<. Athetically speaking, the packaging appeals me, but the quality speaks for itself, and there’s a reason why this particular cream won the 2012 Allure Beauty Awards. It may appear to be a basic moisturizer, but this cream is rich in hydration, floral extracts, especially Baobab, and ingredient that I’m familiar with. The Baobab Tree is located in Africa, and as we all know, Africa is a dry continent for the most part. The Baobab tree can store as much as 30,000 gallons of water! Holy chips! Some dub this tree as ” The Tree of Life”, and you can read the benefits of the baobab fruit, baobab oil, etc.

What’s your skin care routine? Have you tried any of these products? Please comment below, and thank you for reading!

– Annie ❤


BeautyNetKorea Haul

Hi you guys! Today is a Haul post from one of my favorite online beauty stores: BeautyNetKorea. I’ve been shopping on this site for almost a year, and I’ve had no problems in regards to shipping. The prices are great, compared to other Korean Cosmetic sites, and lots of free samples. graphics-kawaii-small-290740 I really appreciate the privilige of the genreous samples, because it allows me to try different products, and even though I stated that I base my purchases on reviews, samples allow me to “sample” the product prior to purchasing ( since there are barely any Korean Flagship Stores here in the states) .

Shipping: Shipping time is quick considereing this coming from halfway across the world >.<. The average shipping time is around 2 weeks, in the States:



Packaging: As you can see, everything is wrapped securely in bubble wrap, and nothing is broken

FullSizeRender (2)

And every order comes with a thank you note: graphics-kawaii-211472 (1)



My Purchases:

Left to Right: Tony Moly I’m Real Avacado Rich Cream, Tony Moly I’m Real Seaweed Moisture Lotion, Holika Holika Jewelight Eyeliners in #15 and #10, TonyMoly I’m Real Avocado Mask Sheet Nutrition 

As I mentioned before, the majority of the purchases in this case, I have tried them prior, and loved them so much that I needed to buy a full-size version.

I was particularly interested in the I’m Real line, by Tony Moly. The majority of the products are very natural based and are “5-9 free”. I tried the Seaweed Moisture Lotion, and the Avacado Rich Cream, before, and I bought the mask sheets on a whim so I will reveiw them quite soon.




Are there any products that you’re interested in trying? Have you ever purchased anything from BeautyNetKorea? Please comment below!

~ Annie ❤





Haul #1 Forever 21 X Sephora

Hey you guys, welcome to the first “Haul” entry. This is going to be a very short, and quick overview of what I’ve purchased today:

IMG_3324 (1)

  1. 1. Love and Beauty Green Tea Jasmine Cleansing Wipes I have to admit, XXI is not one of my favorite stores, but since it’s one of those places that has everything for anyone, I figured that I would be able to find some nice buys every now and then. The actual wipes themselves are really nice. The Jasmine and Green Tea scent is very soft, and mild, and the wipes do take off a lot of makeup before I cleanse my face, and at less than $3.00, I definitely will stock up. graphics-kawaii-small-469512
  • 2. Love and beauty Sheet Masks: Tea Tree Oil for blemished skin; Cucumber for sensitive skin-  since I’ve been so used to Korean Sheet Masks, that I hate to sound pretentious, but I believe that these masks will not preform well, because the packaging feels cheap, but I can’t judge until I’ve tried it.  x . x. I chose tea tree and cucumber, because in the winter time, my skin tends to feel more sensitive due to the harsh cold air, and I have several blemishes on my face from an infection a little less than two months ago. ( CURSE YOU HMFD!)  😡  So I can only vouch that it will, at the very least add some hydration, and maybe calm my skin down.
  • 3. Love and Beauty Lavender  Anti-Aging Eye Mask– Another product that I picked up at the counter. The ingredient list is pretty nice, considering the majority are natural ingredients like Oat Kernel, and Lavender, so I have higher expectations for this eye patch, even though I don’t really suffer from wrinkles, but I think it will help make my eyes look more awake, since I barely sleep.
  • 4. Urban Decay Naked Basics Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush-  I played around with this brush in Sephora and I have to say, it was love at first sight. I will do a more thorough review in the future, but what I liked about the brush was how dense the bristles were, and the ability to pick up eyeshadow effortlessly .

Thank you guys for reading, and stay tuned for more! graphics-kawaii-244176