TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner

O.M.G…I am so excited to share with you guys my review on the TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner. Why am I so excited? For one, I’m always in search of a great eyeliner, and although I have some of my favorites, ( pencil and felt-tip) a new edition never hurts, and besides, gel eyeliners are my preferred choice of eyeliner, in general. My favorite pro of gel eyeliners is that they’re extremely versatile. A gel eyeliner can be used a base for eyeshadow, a tightliner, a waterliner, can be used to create a precise line, etc…although I hadn’t purchased one, because all the good gel eyeliners are expensive, and the brush is usually a separate purchase anyways- until now. I skimmed the reviews of this particular gel eyeliner, because so many people raved about it, and it was only 9 USD, so I figured why not give it a shot, as TonyMoly is one of my favorite brands, and they haven’t let me down yet! Besides, it’s one of their best-selling products.

The packaging is clever- the brush is built into the top of the cap, although the handle is rather small for my taste. Despite the size, it’s sturdy, and the brush is firm and dense, but soft…Most cheap brushes generally feel “plasticy”, rough and don’t hold its form, but this particular brush is good quality, and maintains its form. Another pro is that the shape of the eyeliner brush is a triangular shape, so it’s easier to draw a sharp winged-out line. The actual gel eyeliner is a dream. It’s incredibly creamy, glides on effortlessly, and is a rich black. I’m not sure whether to describe the black as a “carbon black” but I think it’s definitely an intense black xD. I’ve had no difficulties of applying this eyeliner on the waterline, tighlining, lashline, etc, as it’s extremely creamy, although it’s not completely smudgeproof of waterproof.



Sorry for my fugly nails Q ~Q


Look how creamy it is!


I can’t do a winged liner to save my life :/


I know it didn’t pick up but the eyeliner is very intense on the waterline

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this eyeliner, because it not only surpasses in price, but in quality!!!!

5 stars for me…


The Ugly Side of Beauty: Sephora

Hiya you guys! graphics-kawaii-337747 Today’s post is about one of the most coveted makeup stores in the history of the world: Sephora. Women (and men) from all walks of life flock to this prestigious store in search of quintessential beauty products. Although I’ve enamored this store…let’s just say the sun always sets at the end of the day…>_>


1. You’re the black sheep of the makeup community if you don’t like/ have the hottest product

picture by fashion north

picture by fashion north

Who doesn’t own the Naked Palette, or the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, or the Orgasm Blush? When I scroll down the product review page and thoroughly read through the thousands of flawless reviews, I am falsely reassured that the product in question will work for me because I have this mentality that ” if it works for them, why not me?” and that’s the issue. All of those reviews are based off of other people’s experiences. The only person’s experience that should matter is mine.  I have previously mentioned in older posts that I usually research a product before purchasing, unless I’m able to sample the product beforehand, which is one of the reasons why I was particularly disappointed with the Naked 2 palette. Aside from the inflated hype and ego of the product, for the longest period of time, I was deluding myself into thinking that this palette was amazing. I always thought that it was something wrong with me- it’s my fault that the palette doesn’t work. However, I decided to browse the web, in search of people who disliked the palette. I stumbled across Makeupalley, and uncovered  honest, albeit negative reviews, thus coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t me, it was the palette. Kudos to all the NC50 chicks out there who can rock the palette, unfortunately I am not among them.

2. Sephora is Lackadaisical when it comes to samples.

Honestly, are the samples to them like gold? Samples are supposed to serve as a marketing ploy to entice costumers into trying a new product but nope, they’re hoarded, and skimped out on. From my personal experiences, the sales associates at Sephora are excruciatingly intimidating when it comes to free samples. It’s actually disturbing how the SA’s have split personalities involving samples.

One time I summed up the courage (which felt like the equivalent of climbing Mt.Everest) just to request a sample of a perfume. The Sales Associate grimaced, briefly paused, and then carelessly tossed three random samples into my bag. To add insult to injury, she even didn’t bother to ask what kind of scents I liked, which turned drove me away from Sephora for a while.

Another incident that occurred was rather the opposite. While I was casually checking out, and the newly hired Sales Associate enthusiastically offered me a few samples that I happily accepted ( although I don’t know if she still works in my area anymore :/ ), and I genuinely was happy.

To be fair, I can understand why certain SA’s are reluctant to give out samples because some people are simply freeloaders. I admit that often times when I sample a product, I don’t end up purchasing the product I sampled, just because I wasn’t overly impressed. However….wouldn’t I be less interested in purchasing a product, that I have never sampled?

3. Beauty Insider, VIB, and VIB Rouge pales in comparison to other cosmetic stores

Many people will disagree with me, but ultimately, I find that the whole rewards system is more of a “clever excuse to waste money on products that are overpriced” . The idea of receiving a lil extra after spending a certain amount is enticing, however compared to many companies, i.e Jolse, I would boldly say it’s straight up B.S.



Maybe I’m spoiled by Jolse’s generous samples: the occasional free sheet mask sheets, full size products, etc. It’s ultimately satisfying as a loyal customer to receive more bang for my buck, and also, this doesn’t really pertain Jolse to being a “Korean Brand”, but in general, the actual quality of the products many of these Korean (and Asian) sites carry are far superior, four times cheaper, and the customer service is excellent. Whereas Sephora, I’m required to spend a substantial amount of money per calendar year just to score deluxe samples. As frugal, as I am, I tend to purchase the essentials, hence why I’ve remained on the Beauty Insider level for 2 years LOL, and honestly I’ve found many dupes to the products that Sephora carries, because for example: I can’t justify spending $22 for lip balm. (It’s borderline pretentious if you ask me), and reading stories about whether or not the VIB ROUGE  perk is even worth it..most of the frequenters say no.

I’m rather appalled that most people don’t have a bigger issue with this system, because let me reiterate this : SPENDING OVER  A GRAND A YEAR ON COSMETICS IS A LOT OF MONEY. As a costumer, I would feel more inclined to getting more for my money. Most of us don’t realize this but need to understand that shopping at Sephora is not a privilege. I can gladly spend my money elsewhere and blindly shop online, because I don’t see the use of pleading with a store just to feel validated. If I’m a loyal costumer, they should acknowledge that, not wrestle me into submission by accepting “less product” at a higher cost. ( May I remind you the blatant deletion of negative comments on certain products -cough cough-

Even if I got to the VIB Rouge status the so-called “free gifts” require a purchase of a specific amount. To me, that’s not a gift, that’s a discount. Or what’s more disturbing according to certain VIB Rouge Insiders are the accusations of  Sephora cancelling their orders due to the fact the company thinks that they’re taking advantage of their “free shipping”. (Considering the fact that the company guaranteed this right, as they’ve earned it).  As for the “free makeovers”, they’re still required to spend a certain amount of money. Welp.

Sephora generally doesn’t have what I’m looking for anyways 

 Generally speaking, the demographic of those who go to Sephora are not  in the favor of us teens, especially when it comes to skin care. As far as I’m concerned the only genuine skincare brands that are suitable for teen skin are Clinique ( which is a bust tbh), Murad, maybe Josie Maran, and several others.The majority of skincare products geared to teens are prodominatley acne  products….but some of us don’t have acne >_>. I know I don’t suffer from acne. In my case, I do have occasional breakouts/white heads, pimples, and my skin is slightly sensitive but definitely not acne, so it’s difficult for me to find the best products for my skin- but I guess that a “me” problem haha.

This is actually a “short rant” about some of the things that I hate what Sephora does. Don’t get me wrong, I loved going to Sephora and when my mother was running late, I would walked to the mall, and hang around Sephora, because business was slow on the weekdays. The staff is generally friendly, and it is a nice store, but sadly, I’m just falling out of love with it. Sorry :/

Love, Annie


I’m so sorry

Hiya Sweeties! graphics-kawaii-174374

It’s been forever since I’ve posted and I’m terribly sorry :c. Between the exams, and the turbulent weather, I’ve neglected my blog, which left a bad taste for all of you.

At the very least I had what was an interesting Valentine’s Day:

I got a red carnation from “a friend”. Who is this so-called “friend”? Is it really just a casual friend, or perhaps a secret admirer? Or could it have been Mitchell?

* I genuinely suspected it was Mitchell, because when I was about to approach him, he was giving off that giveaway smile >//>

* My first visit to the dentist for a root canal, (temp). When they lay me on the bed, and I saw the huge needle that was about to inject me, I nearly screamed. The man sat with me and lectured me for 10 minutes, about how he’s been in dental school since he was 17 years old ( heh…ironic I’m 17 > _ > ) took 15 years of it, operated on over 10,000 people, and attempted to reassure me that nothing was going to go wrong. And surprisingly…I didn’t feel a thing.  @ _ @ .

Anywho sorry for the short period of inactivity, I’ve got tons of reviews and stories to post!


I need to vent

Hi you guys! Long time no see! Sorry I have been so busy with exams, and I wished that I had more time on here. Anyways, today I wanted to get something off of my chest that’s been bothering me for a while.

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending my meeting for Confirmation preparation, and that night we were celebrating reconciliation. For any of you guys, who are not Catholic, reconciliation is basically where you go and confess your sins to a priest in the hope of penance-forgiveness. My initial thought was that I was going to enter the reconciliation room, and rather, brazenly boast about the sins I have committed, because I simply wasn’t sorry-most of the time. However, I got a much different surprise.

While I entered the booth, the priest blessed me, and as I began to confess all the sins I’ve committed ( this past week, lol) I became more solemn, and surprisingly…regretful.  I told him about the time I used to steal when I was 11, although I don’t do it anymore. It was petty things such as candy, girls’ jewelry and drugstore makeup. And that it’s not the case that I enjoyed stealing, or couldn’t control myself, it was rather that as long as I was able to justify that as long as I’m receiving some sort of benefit, it was O.K. Plus, it was more or less the convenience of obtaining whatever I wanted without having to pay ( albeit I didn’t suffer from  financial issues during the time).  He was rather stunned by my declaration of ” I’m not that sorry for my sins”  and I, myself was stunned, because it was as if I was boasting. He and I both knew that no one is self-entitled to someone else’s property actually let me rephrase this, I have the capacity to know what is right and what is wrong.

The second “sin” was more of less…. guilt. I won’t delve into the exact details, but long story short, my friend ( whom I truly do care about ) stole another girl’s man… once again, the Priest was “unpleasantly” surprised. I admitted that it wasn’t that I condoned her actions, it was rather the guilt that welded in me witnessing my friend (not just a random slut at school) having an affair with a guy she met a little over a month, and that particular type of “person” is whom I abhor. I couldn’t just tell her off,  coldly branding her a man-stealing bitch, because, well for one, I didn’t know her then boyfriend’s girlfriend, and two, she is my friend and I do care about her feelings, but to sit in art class and watch(ed) her bash his then girlfriend on Instagram, it’s just wrong. The priest, very candid said to rather ” leave it to God” or rather, we casually call this term: ” Karma”. It actually made genuine sense to me. Placing the situation in a different perspective, he said that it’s not so much about what you say, it’s more about the wisdom to say what you want at the appropriate time. I didn’t want to trash her, and make her feel like a whore ( although she once admitted she felt like a slut), the problem was that she was trying to justify her actions, because she let her feelings overwhelm her rationale. It’s one of those things that reiterate the famous quote: ” What comes around, goes around”, hence it’s stood against the test of time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, although I’ve never branded myself as ” holier than thou” I am subtly egotistical or prideful. and for a while, and confessing really opened up a new door for me. Nobody’s perfect and there is always room for improvement

~ Annie


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!~ graphics-kawaii-515406 I can’t believe that 2014 has passed so quickly. Idk about you guys but I’ve already came up with some resolutions:

1. Lose weight ( as always ; – ; )

2. Upload posts more often

3. Pass 11th grade

4. Have fun

It’s weird to say “have fun” but I’ve noticed that most of us in general, just stress a lot. We don’t remember how unwind and relax for a while.

What are your resolutions for this year?

~ Annie ❤


Christmas/Bday Haul

Hiya guys, Merry Christmasgraphics-kawaii-small-857036  I’m so, so sorry for the lack of posts, recently, as I’ve been busy with the holidays ( just like everyone out there, lol) and I wanted to do a haul on some of the things I’ve gotten for my Bday, and for Christmas.



My Homeslice, Kiki bought this for me on my birthday. Since we live in different states, it took about a couple of weeks to get here, and it was well worth the wait. She and I have been besties for three years. We met by accident, and we decided to keep in touch, and she’s like an older sister to me. Thank you so much for being a part of my life! graphics-kawaii-515406



This is a japanese candy called “Mixed Drops” which is basically an assortment of hard candies in various flavors, amd they’re all so delicious! graphics-kawaii-271157


And the little Keychain is int eh form of a Dove chocolate. Yum >.<



These here are some scarves that I got for christmas ( Thank you Mommy <3) The faux fur one is from a brand called Isotoner, which apparently is a popular scarf brand? lol. I saw that this particular scarf was $30! >_> Maybe I’m just a cheapskate but I thought that was rather ridiculous for a scarf, but actually wrapping it around my neck, the scarf was light, soft, breathable, and the most part, comfortable. Sometimes I sleep with this scarf on. haha

The next scarf is from Land’s End, and it’s more of a conventional scarf. It’s the same Price as the Isotoner, which I don’t understand because scarves shouldn’t be that expensive, however, it’s lightweight, and durable like the Isotoner type.



I also got a Beanie from Forever21 and well..it was 4 bucks xD. Definitely the price I would pay for a hat. It used to be $7.90 and it’d be a fair price, but less really is more. It’s large and feels all warm and snug on my head so I love it.

The gloves are from a brand called Covington, and these were $12. For the most part, they are snug, comfortable and cute.

I also got a lot of other things, but I felt that it would be too lengthy of a post. Overall, I am truly grateful for all the gifts that I’ve received from my friends and family. For the longest time, I was lax about Christmas, and I guess it’s me growing older, but I realized the importance of friends and family. surrounded by people who care, having someone to go to. Rather, this many not be the most impressive present lists, I cherish every single one of them.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

~ Annie ❤


Products I regret Buying 2

Hi guys, welcome to another installment of “Products that I regret Buying.’ graphics-kawaii-small-173862 I hope you enjoyed my first post. This is second post and mind you that this is 100% my opinion and I’m not trying to bash the products out of spite.


118  This particular product was hyped up due to the “self-sharpening technology_” blah blah blah. Let me just get straight to the point. Many of the negative reviews are based off of the technology. I had no problem with the actual technology of the packaging. My problem here is with the actual formula. I purchased the shade “nude”, and it was stiff, nearly scratch my waterline, and faded after five minutes. And for $20, this is ridiculous.

SB_C023_SKUC02301_340 I don’t know if you remember guys, but I remembered the Bb creme craze, every cosmetic company out there was trying to capitalize on the hype and this is one of the most popular ” Western BB Cremes” out there. The nicest way I can describe this product is an over-glorified tinted moisturizer, at the most. The primary difference between the BB-Creme and traditional foundations are the fact that bb creams are skincare-derived. This “faux-creme” is no different from a generic foundation on the market. Aside from the false advertising, the product just sucked. It felt like I was applying oily powder on my face, with uneven coverage.

4155441912 I think this was divine karma, because I badgered my dad to purchase this from Walmart, lol. I heard this was a good dupe for the Paint Pots from MAC, and there was a nice color range. My real problem lied with the formulation, and the colour. Vintage Plum pulls more grey, and although it’s appropriate for fall/winter, I only have limited use for the type of eyeshadows that I can wear with it. ( Unlike universal beige) Second, this particular paint pot is called ( Leather) and there are patchiness and it was difficult to blend with. Despite what I’ve said, it’s not a horrible product.



I got this as a birthday gift and I am forever grateful, however this mascara literally does nothing but clump my eyelashes. Nothing more. Nothing less. :/ Oh, and a pain in the ass to remove.

holika-011-p1 Ah…I love Holika Holika. It’s one of my favorite skincare/makeup brands and I’m bummed that this didn’t work for me-year round. I kinda purchased this, because of the cute barrel design, and I chose the “white wine” which claimed to whiten and hydrate the skin. For some reason in the wintertime, my skin is sensitive towards this product, and I didn’t really care for the whitening claims. I wanted a product to do more for my skin, and although this isn’t a bad product, I wished I purchased something more effective.

Well this was list of products that didn’t work for me. What products didn’t work for you? Please comment below!

~Annie ❤