The Ugly Side of Beauty: Bath and Body Works

Hi! graphics-kawaii-515406 Today’s Ugly Side of Beauty is one about: bath and Body Works


I’m going to say this straight off the bat: I LOVE fragrances- from candles, to lotions, and everything else in between. I think that  fragrances are a special component to a person that is especially personalized, and fragrance to me is like fingerprints, or DNA. Now with that being said, why do I have a problem with B&BW?

To start, every trip to B&BW, I’ve never been hassled, the staff is polite, insightful, and curteous, and the overall smell of the stores is very neutral-which is good. I’m also pleased at how clean, and organized the stores are, and I really do appreciate that.

The main thing I like the most about B&BW is the store houses everything is one: candles, soap, fragrance, spray, etc. And for the most part, the prices are fair, and you receive useful coupons in the mail quite frequently, so that’s another plus, and there are a couple of scents that I can see myself reaching for every so often,  but that’s about it for all the pros….

Most of the fragrances are just simply un-sophisticated, too “mainstream”, too musky/ vanilla-y and way, WAY too cloyingly sweet for my nose. I’m not sure how to explain without sounding obnoxiously pretentious…Okay well, the best way I can describe it is when you actually put apply a genuine Eau De Parfum/Toilette ( think Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani), there’s a depth of complexity that makes this particular fragrance unique. You don’t just get hit with jasmine, there’s also mint, orange, lemon, etc. And to be fair, one of my favorite fragrances is Poppy, by Coach, and it is a sweet fragrance, but it’s complex as well. It’s a combination of sweet, fruity, subtle, and it works with my body chemistry. In contrast, when I put on a scent from BBW like Sweet Pea ( which I do like btw) you’re continuously getting bombarded with that one strong note, the screams SWEET PEA and it linger for hours. To make matters worse, many girls ( I remember the dreaded locker room )  douse themselves in these strong, aggressive heavy sprays  like there’s no tomorrow and I nearly choked because of how powerful these scents are. LOL. I can only tolerate their perfumes in very small doses….

That’s it for my small rant. I kinda just wanted to get that off of my chest, because whenever someone gives me a B&BW gift, I”m just like “eh”, and I know some people feel like that as well.

What do you guys like/dislike about B&BW? How do you feel when someone gets you a B&BW gift set? Please leave comments below

Love, Annie