This close to snapping..second thoughts

This is my follow-up to my previous post:

Although the drama is ongoing,  I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to voice what I thought of the situation. The whole point of me ranting was the emphasis on “friendship”, something that’s slowly becoming obsolete in society. As far as a friendship goes, there are many basic elements: loyalty, respect, honesty, understanding, trust, and for a friend to disregard these rudimentary principles is disgusting. People don’t realize that privacy is a right and not a privilege: hence why private messaging, emails, and calls were created, not to be misused. It’s not uncommon to see private messages from Skype, or even KIK, or even Facebook posted publicly- if anything it’s too common. Besides the habitual abuse of private messaging, another aspect is “judgement”. I touched this topic a wee bit on my original post, but I wanted to elaborate more.

As I mentioned before, I don’t like overly casual people. I feel that people should have a sophisticated sense of judgment and morality, and to just be like ” it doesn’t affect my life” or ” it’s their lives” pisses me off. It purports to depict that people are becoming so apathetic, that they don’t have a strong opinion- or even the courage to tell someone straight up: ” What you’re doing is wrong and you need to stop.” In this case, however, ” C” thinks that he can do whatever he please and not suffer any consequences. He claims that he dislikes me, because I was “judging” him. Hell yes I’m judging you because of your actions, and they are awful!

Anyways, I’m too tired to bother today. I need my sleep.