This close to snapping..second thoughts

This is my follow-up to my previous post:

Although the drama is ongoing,  I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to voice what I thought of the situation. The whole point of me ranting was the emphasis on “friendship”, something that’s slowly becoming obsolete in society. As far as a friendship goes, there are many basic elements: loyalty, respect, honesty, understanding, trust, and for a friend to disregard these rudimentary principles is disgusting. People don’t realize that privacy is a right and not a privilege: hence why private messaging, emails, and calls were created, not to be misused. It’s not uncommon to see private messages from Skype, or even KIK, or even Facebook posted publicly- if anything it’s too common. Besides the habitual abuse of private messaging, another aspect is “judgement”. I touched this topic a wee bit on my original post, but I wanted to elaborate more.

As I mentioned before, I don’t like overly casual people. I feel that people should have a sophisticated sense of judgment and morality, and to just be like ” it doesn’t affect my life” or ” it’s their lives” pisses me off. It purports to depict that people are becoming so apathetic, that they don’t have a strong opinion- or even the courage to tell someone straight up: ” What you’re doing is wrong and you need to stop.” In this case, however, ” C” thinks that he can do whatever he please and not suffer any consequences. He claims that he dislikes me, because I was “judging” him. Hell yes I’m judging you because of your actions, and they are awful!

Anyways, I’m too tired to bother today. I need my sleep.


This close to snapping

I’m not even going to bother with saying hi, because I’m near my limit. At this point in time, I feel like a can of soda that’s been shooken up so many times that I’m about to burst, and (yes there is a limit!)

I didn’t want to make up any excuses about my absence, but there’s been so much drama going on in my life that I have no choice but to confront it. Years ago, I decided to be confined to a small network of people whom I talked to, but over the past few years, that network has expanded, consequently. Along with the expansion of friends, I also became entangled in drama, heartbreak, and just utter chaos.

I’m sorry if I sound dramatic, but in my honest opinion, I wished there was a “pause” button on life.

I know that I sound whiny at this point, and drama is inevitable, but it’s so amazing at how just a click away someone can plaster a screenshot of an argument, on a Facebook wall, and withing minutes tons of people (mainly irrelevant) join the drama frenzy and a once simple situation can transform into a conglomerate mess.

My friend ( calling him a friend would be offensive, but the sake of mutual respect, I’ll just call him “C”), is a two faced cheater who clearly doesn’t respect girls in general. He didn’t cheat on me, but on one of my close friends who I shall call “R”. I didn’t know that ‘C’ was dating ‘R’, because ‘C’ claimed that he was dating a female named ‘M’. But it gets better: ‘C’ had declared in a Skype group chat that he didn’t need “us” ( friends) and that the only person who mattered the most was ‘M’. Outraged, “X” tried to pound some sense into ‘C’ but ‘C’ blocked him, and ‘X’ was eventually fed up with his childish antics. For some inexplicable reason ‘C’ continued to try to talk to me, despite saying he didn’t care about me. Here’s a little fun fact, prior to him dating “M” , “C” tried to hookup with me by sending me pictures of his half-naked body ( no real nudes or anything), but I then discovered that he only asked me out cause he was “in heat” and two weeks later, he got with “M”. I knew that C’s relationship with M was volatile because of the way he flaunted her sexuality. The second day that they were together, he bragged in the Skype group chat that they had Skyped “naked” together, it was really disgusting to be quite honest, and in the group chat was “Sh” which was one of his exes as well….ugh

Anyways just a few hours ago, I discovered that my friend “R”  started dating “C” on the 27th of March, even though “C’ claimed he broke up with “M” on the 7th which was just yesterday. Enough said. And, the best part is that “C” is accusing me and my friend “Z” of sabotaging his relationship with “M”, and as you can see, it’s horseshit. “C” had not only cheated on his gf, but explicitly remarked that “Girls were only good for their tits” and that “Society is stupid for thinking girls should be treated with respect” ( the second one he didn’t say outright, but he implied it). He also said that ” you’re acting like you’re the one victim” which is false, because when I confronted him, I’m not worried about myself. My friend doesn’t deserve a guy who disrespects and cheats around. She doesn’t deserve to be deceived and lied to, and most importantly, she deserves someone who will take a relationship seriously. And I even talked to our mutual friend “So” if he knew, and he said he did, but didn’t care, and that regardless, ‘C’ is his bro. He even had the audacity to tell me I don’t know what the true definition of a friend was, and that people talk shit right behind my back, and I had no room to judge. The stupidity is mind-boggling. As long as his friend didn’t do shit to him, he’s perfectly fine, and that’s the type of quality i hate about people these days. It’s just the casual “it’s whatever, what so and so does is his business, idc attitude is cringe-worthy.” People these days are complaining that others judge them, just because someone has the balls to tell them what they’re doing is wrong/ inappropriate, or whatever the case may be. People want others to stay by their sides without having put forth the effort, or improving themselves. They was excuses, they think they can do whatever the hell they want and I’m sorry if this is a rude awakening but IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK THAT WAY.

TL;DR: A pathetic cheater making excuses while Karma is right around the corner to kick your ass to the curb.

I’m sorry, but I had to vent.